Maastricht Live Cam, Netherlands – Vrijthof Square

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Live video stream of Vrijthof Square Maastricht, Netherlands. This Webcam broadcast with music.

Maastricht very small city (with a population of 122.000 people, and the area – almost 60 square kilometers), the atmosphere it reigns almost metropolitan and very international: Dutch, French and German, along with the local dialect – is the leading languages. The city is rich in culture, history, monuments, folklore and traditions.

Maastricht is the first settlement of the Netherlands, founded by the Romans. One of the non-Dutch in spirit and essence of cities in the country. This is not surprising, since it is the south. Maastricht – the center of the Dutch province of Limburg, arguing with Nijmegen for the title of the oldest city of the Netherlands. He was the first who gave the Romans the status of the city, but Maastricht was the first de facto.

At Maastricht no shortage of epithets: the oldest city in the Netherlands, the city of monuments (Maastricht – second only to Amsterdam in the number of sites), the first bishop of the city’s oldest industrial city, shopping city, city of students and the most charming city of the Netherlands. Life in Maastricht rages. New shopping centers, fashionable and chic hotels restoranysredi which some marked Michelin stars – all this attracts Maastricht people wishing to go shopping or have a good weekend. Do not forget to visit the Vrijthof and discover the other pearls of Maastricht. Feel the city as it feels maastrihttsy.

Vrijthof Square.
Vrijthof in Dutch means “enclosure” or “the yard in front of the church.” For Vrijthof in Maastricht, the second value applies. It is located in front of the Basilica of St Servas is the beating heart of the city. Here you can get acquainted with the province of Limburg as it was, is and probably always will be. Around the square there are cozy restaurants and cafes, where you can taste the most delicious local dishes and beverages. With Vrijthof city tram leaves, on which you can take a 45-minute tour of the historic center and explore the many wonderful attractions. Tram is completely closed, equipped with heating and it 35 seats. By the way, this is the only tram that can be seen on the streets of Maastricht. In addition, the square you will find at the Vrijthof Theatre, where almost daily are presenting top-quality opera, theater, musicals and dance shows – everything has a place on this stage.

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