New Brunswick, Saint John Live Cam, Canada – King Street

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Live broadcast from King Street in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.

Province of New Brunswick is located in the east of Canada, on the Atlantic coast. More than 80% of the city is covered with dense pine forests. This is one of the provinces of Canada, which is officially recognized by the two languages ​​- English and French. Climate New Braunsuika temperate continental, but softened by the action of the ocean, the average winter temperature is -10 degrees cold, and in summer +20 degrees Celsius. Reviews locals: here you feel warmer than it should according to indications of the thermometer.

The largest city is Saint John with a population of 70,000 people. The town on the shores of Bay of Fundy s.
Entertainment a bit, but really beautiful nature around.

And the distances are measured in minutes, not hours in big cities. Here people buy a house away from the center. This is caused by fog, which in May and June are from the ocean. When the temperature in the center will fog + 10-15, and 15-20 minutes if the drive off. from the shore it can be sunny and + 25-30.

In general the place is very quiet here. Crime is virtually none. I said many local that do not lock the house at night. We lock. :-) The neighbor never locks the machine that puts next to the house. While it certainly depends on the person. And by the cheapness of the machine.

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