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Sighisoara live streaming web cam. Sighisoara is a city in Romania.

The historic city center is a listed World Heritage Site. It stands on a hill above the river Tarnava Mare in Transylvania, 175 km north-west of Bucharest. Sighisoara is known in history under the name of the German and Hungarian Shёsburg – Shegeshvar. The city was founded in the XIII century German colonists from Saxony. They built on the hill of a medieval castle, several churches and the famous clock tower 64 meters high.

Sighisoara is one of the most beautiful cities in Romania, UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999. The town stands on a hill above the river Tarnava Mare, 175 km north-west of Bucharest. Every year, in July, Sighisoara arranged colorful medieval festival: concerts, shows and a full immersion in the old days.

The city can be reached by train from Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Arad, Brasov, Sibiu other cities. In addition, every day here stop international train from Budapest, Prague, Vienna and Krakow.
Train station is not far from the city center, within walking distance.

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