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New Zealand located in the South-Western Pacific ocean, on the Islands of North and South, separated by cook Strait. About 75 % of the territory of New Zealand located 200 meters above sea level. The new Zealand Alps have a height of 4 km.

New Zealand is located on two large Islands, lying in the southwestern Pacific ocean near Australia. North island and South Island are surrounded by almost 700 small Islands that also belong to New Zealand. The country area: 270 thousand square kilometers.

The capital city is Wellington, while it is not the largest city of the country (a total of 430 thousand inhabitants). The largest city is Auckland (1.3 million people).

Total population of 4.3 million people, of which only 10% of the native indigenous population, the Maori. Other residents called the English-speaking new Zealanders.

Managed by New Zealand on the principle of constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy. Officially Queen of New Zealand is the Queen of England Elizaveta II, as the country belongs to the British Commonwealth of Nations. The Executive government of New Zealand in the hands of the Prime Minister, and the interests of the monarch presented the Governor-General. Administratively the country is divided into districts, which are managed by Administrative Councils.

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