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Distinctive features of Dubai are untold riches piled on his head after the opening of the rulers of the Persian Gulf oil reserves, as well as unprecedented for the East tolerance of foreigners, numbering already a century.

Knowing that the reserves of black gold is not unlimited, the emirate’s leadership and the city will make every effort to exhaustion by the time of this important natural resource the city has become an important tourist and commercial center not only in the Middle East, but also in the world. Today, the city of importance for the whole world economic system simply colossal.

Dubai is the largest city in the country, and with it, most people associate the United Arab Emirates.

The first mention of the settlement of people in this place belongs to 1095, but the formal status of the city of Dubai has received only in 1833.

In Arabic, the word “Dubai” means “young locust,” which is probably due to the fact that in the ancient neighborhood of Dubai were insect breeding ground.

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