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Western Wall live stream (Israel, Jerusalem).

Western Wall in Jerusalem is the main shrine in Judaism and one of the most famous religious sites of Israel, which can be seen not only the believer, but also any interested person. The main thing do not forget that the Western Wall is the place where they pray and observe the rules of behavior (for example, men need to put on a pile, headpiece, which give at the entrance).

Between the stones of the Western Wall made to put the note with all sorts of requests. Pilgrims from all over the world come to Jerusalem in order to see the shrine and leave your message of God.

Value of the Western Wall.
It is believed that some of the events described in the Pentateuch and the Old Testament books, sacred to Jews and Christians, it took place on the Temple Mount, which was surrounded by a ring wall. So, this is where the test of Abraham, which God required the sacrifice of the only and long-awaited son.

Equally sacred is the place and the Muslims. Upstairs, on the site of the First Temple, is now third in order of importance shrine – the Dome of the Rock mosque, inside which there are protruding stone. It is from this stone the prophet Mohammed ascended to heaven on a winged horse.

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