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Initially, this street was called Colonia top. It appeared in 1815. We know from history that the 200 families of German convoys, ie German street to the north and Crafts (now Osipova) south of the fortress. Later street called Upper German colony, then Kolonistskaya, only after that comes the German name of the street (1821)

In 1824 the street called the Yamskaya, and in 1847 the street – Lutheran.

In 1901 the street was renamed the street Novoselskogo. She was so named in honor of Nicholas Alexandrovich Novoselskogo, privy councilor, who was elected to the post of mayor of Odessa in 1867. In this position he remained until 1878 (elected for four terms). During the years of his tenure as mayor of Odessa it has been done.

Based Odessa commercial public school, deepened and cleaned the water area of ​​the port of Odessa, held a new branch of the aqueduct, based Society Kuyal’nitskogo-Hadzibeevsky salt pans and Odessa Credit Society.

Very much has been done for the improvement of the city, including the improvement of urban roadways. In gratitude for his fruitful activity, it was decided the street, which was called the Yamskaya, renamed the street Novoselskogo.

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