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Ogre – a young Latvian town from a historical perspective. It is located on the Daugava River, near its confluence with the Ogre River, just 35 kilometers from Riga. Beautiful countryside, which is located in the town of Ogre, surrounded by mountains, forests and rivers, quickly became a favorite place of rest of Riga.

Ogre is one of the few cities in Latvia, which developed as a resort and a place of rest. Already in 1862 a new bathing resort was opened here. Most popular he was in the 20-30 years of the XX century.

Until 1917 it was known as a wonderful place Oger. And in 1928 Ogre became a town. The houses here were built since 1861, when the railway opened Riga – Daugavpils. They live in Ogre about 27,000 people. Ogre is one of the few cities of Latvia, became famous in Soviet times throughout his vast Russian jersey, which was formed long queues everywhere.

At present, about the emergence of the name of the city there are two versions. According to the first, more romantic, Russian Empress Catherine I, a native of Latvia, he loved to eat eels, which its soldiers are mined in these parts.

The word “acne” gradually turned into Ogre. According to the second, more realistic version, the word formed from the Livonian word “voog”, which means “river”. And since, the second version is more than real, still occur in the region of Urga River Norupite, Lebina, Maza Jugla.

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